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Legacy System Migration

As organizations adapt to remain competitive, their products, services and business processes need the ability to change quickly.

IT departments with a multitude of legacy systems are struggling to respond to these business demands, and in addition are facing increasing cost of ownership for these legacy applications.

Addressing the challenges of refreshing the corporate application portfolio plays an important role in the management of IT assets for businesses. Having such a strategy is becoming increasingly important in today’s complex IT landscape – executing on that strategy in an efficient manner whilst offering service level improvements is crucial.
We assist our clients in defining their migration strategies. A well planned migration strategy can mean the difference between a costly failure and a successful replacement program providing:

We have a proven reputation for migrating complex bespoke systems from a range of legacy technologies to an n-tiered service oriented solution enabling seamless secure integration with external organizations, such as clients and suppliers.

The KIP approach covers:

Cost Benefit Analysis

To ensure the solution will deliver value back to the organization in an acceptable timeframe.

Technical Roadmap definition

A staged plan to enable delivery over time, maximizing use of legacy components as a transition mechanism.

Migration Planning

Detailed work breakdown structure delivering functionality and benefit in a phased approach.

Migration Execution

Our automated upgrade kits coupled with our application development framework ensures that your organization’s refresh strategies are executed in a timely and cost efficient manner on top of a future-proof architecture that is efficient, scalable and highly optimized.

Our migration approach is based on the industry leading Model Driven Architecture paradigm and is proven on a range of migrations ranging from a single application to a FTSE 100 enterprise-wide platform migration.

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Further Information

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