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KIP’s portfolio of products and services will support a business solution throughout its entire life.

To make sure we deliver effective technology solutions on time and within budget, we believe it’s essential to establish the correct foundation for the project right from the start.

Our focus is simple. At the outset of each project we work with our clients to formulate their business objectives and help them develop a strategy and business case to achieve their aims.

By blending business skills, with architecture and project management expertise we can ensure that technology projects are built on foundations with the strength needed to deliver them successfully.

Once the groundwork has been done, we provide our clients with a range of solutions.

Each of these solutions have been developed through utilizing best of breed technology from vendors such Oracle and Microsoft.

All our projects offer the reassurance of being underpinned by support from KIP’s managed services team. This not only reduces the cost of supporting the application, it has been shown to increase the life of the solutions, and it allows you to spread the cost of projects over a number of years.

Further Information

Further Information

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