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Support Model

The KIP Managed Services Team provides support across each of the core components of an application. This includes everything from end-user and application support, to database, operating system and infrastructure support.

Each of these components is described below:


Our support centre is staffed by a team of business/functional consultants who are fully experienced in business processes as well as your specific application.

Where we are supporting packaged applications or custom built applications, the consultants will typically have previous industry and/or implementation experience. They will also have the relevant technical certifications and professional qualifications. If the application is a custom solution (e.g. a warehouse) the team will be trained in your own business processes as well as your specific solution.

This team will provide business and application support with on-going configuration, process and general advice, as well as skill transfer designed to improve productivity. This can include answering "How-to" type questions and supporting clients through critical periods such as month-end processes.


The Application support team is comprised of technical consultants who are able to diagnose and fix bugs.

The role of the applications support consultant includes:

KIP support engineers are skilled in supporting both custom and packaged applications developed on both Java and .NET platforms. We also have experience of the full Oracle and Microsoft technology solutions stack as well as a number of proprietary tools including Business Objects, Cognos and Informatica.

Database and Tools

The database and tools team have the skills required to install and support the application infrastructure.

The role of the applications support consultant includes:

KIP supports Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases running on Unix, Linux and Windows platforms.

Hosting and Infrastructure

The fourth tier of the support model is hosting and infrastructure support. This includes ensuring that the required hardware, network and operating systems are performing correctly to support the application.

The role of the hosting and infrastructure support consultant includes:


Our support service can be flexed to provide complete outsourcing through to specialist support for a specific area. For example, we have clients who elect for specific areas such as functional support for Oracle applications Suite or DBA support on Microsoft SQL Server.

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Further Information

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