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Vision and Value


IT support infrastructures and architectures are becoming ever more complex as companies strive for increased productivity and reduced cost of ownership. We help companies to identify how new technology can benefit their organization and guide them through the complexities of developing and deploying advanced information programs.

We succeed by:

Nearly all projects that fail can be attributed to decisions made at the beginning of the project and by not establishing a sound foundation for the solution.

Our team has the business experience and technical skills required to lay those foundations. They are capable of planning, engineering, managing and supporting highly successful project solutions from start to finish.


To become one among the top Information Technology Services Provider of choice in North America by the year 2020.


To be a trusted Information Technology Services Partner for global companies and help them innovate and deliver cost effective products and make them achieve ROI at a faster pace than they expect

Core Values:

At KIP, we strive for excellence in everything we do. We practice high standards of business ethics, integrity and trust. We are committed to provide transparency in all dealings with our customers, employees, partners and suppliers. We are committed to quality of services we provide and clean environment practices.


Our philosophy is simple. We believe there’s no substitute for real experience.

To develop truly effective advanced technology projects, you need people who have a track record of delivering such solutions successfully. So, we only employ people who have demonstrated their skills working with large, blue chip organisations.

Our team is comprised of experts in a range of disciplines:-

We work as an integral part of our customer teams to deliver projects.

We can also draw on the skills of offshore partners when needed. This means we can offer high-quality business analysis as well as low-cost solution development and delivery.

Intellectual Property

While no two projects are the same, there are often similarities between them. This has enabled us to develop a library of industry solutions and technical templates that allow us to deliver business solutions quickly and cost-effectively.


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Further Information

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